Birthdate: Januar 2018

Jesca comes from the remote village of Matombo, where she lived with her mother with her grandmother. The small family found it difficult to make a living. After her mother died in May 2020, she was rescued by social workers from her deteriorating living situation. Jesca is a healthy and sweet young lady full of love in her heart.


Birthdate: Juli 2017

Aneth grew up in the remote village of Mgeta outside the Morogoro region. She was raised by her grandmother. Her father died before she was born.


Birthdate: 2016

Damian grew up with his mother in a small cottage. When he was 6 months old his mother died of tuberculosis. He was taken in by his neighbours, as his father was in prison. After his father was released, his father tried to care for him. Together with the District Officer, the father and the neighbours decided to place Damian in the Mafiri Children’s Home to give him a better future.

Damian’s Story


Baraka grew up with his mother, but her mental health was considerably deteriorated. As a result of this, the healthy Baraka was placed into the Mafiri Children’s Home.

Baraka’s Story


Birthdate: April 2016

Agustino’s mother died 3 months after his birth, after which her sister took care of, and raised him. However, being plagued by an illness of her own, she was no longer able to take care of little Agustino. Agustino has no siblings, is Christian and belongs to the Luguru tribe. He has not been registered for school before, but is of course fully supported by us.