Children need protection and security

Man grows by his relationships. The network of relationships conveys a sense of security, encourages, challenges, sets limits and strengthens self-esteem. For children and adolescents, being integrated into the family, neighbourhood, kindergarten and school is the foundation for growing up physically and psychologically healthy. And in this interaction with others they learn.

The situation of children in Tanzania

Growing up without parents or in a broken family environment often has serious effects on the mental and physical development of a child. Many orphans suffer from neglect, discrimination, hunger, often have to work hard and are psychologically and physically abused. Children who grow up without parental care rarely attend school.

Jesca, Damian and Aneth
Kinder im Unterricht

The Mafiri Mothers

Reliable, committed, loving and with a lot of warmth, our Mafiri mothers take care of the children entrusted to them. The nannies have training in child education and child development. They are also supported by the state social welfare office and receive further training via courses.

Our Matrons with the Children
Our Matrons with the Children

The Mafiri Family House

Eight to ten girls and boys live together with their Tanzanian Mafiri mother in a family house. The children should grow up like brothers and sisters, so that they also benefit from the togetherness later on.

Three houses form a common courtyard. The village community consists of up to twelve Mafiri families. The architecture is designed to both maximize privacy and promote village community.