Organic cultivation for the sustainable supply of the Mafiri Children’s Home

As a part of our farm project we plant local fruit, vegetables and grains according to ecological principles, to meet the food requirements of the Mafiri Children’s Home. We sell the excess production at local markets. The generated surpluses flow back into the financing of our orphanage.

We have already been seasonally, richly rewarded by our gardens. Papayas, mangoes, bananas, cereals such as corn and chillies are thriving. Our farm Farm Director Marcel supported by SAT Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania, is constantly upskilling and expanding the farm.

In 2020, with the support of the Ferster Foundation, we were able to purchase the adjacent land with 1,138,954 m². This will ensure the further expansion of the farm, as well as the the possibility to offer plots of land to locals for agricultural use. Together with the SAT we want to pass on our knowledge and experience to other small-scale farmers. In this way we are able to encourage sustainable cultivation and improved self-sufficiency.


What we have achieved so far and what we still have in mind:

Plan des Dorfes