Infrastructure for the Village and for the Project.

Water Infrastructure

Africa has plenty of water. The continent has extensive wetlands and groundwater resources. However, there is a lack of infrastructure and an appropriate economic-regulatory framework to supply the population in rural or urban areas with clean drinking water. Women and children usually have to walk for hours to get drinking water. Or it is bought at a very high price from dealers.

Mafiri Water Station

The water is for the orphans at the village of the Marifi Children’s Home and the inhabitants of the region. The tanks can store a total of almost 40,000 litres and the water can be purchased for a small amount.

Mafiri Farm
Mafiri Farm Bananenbäume
Mafiri Farm

There is no drinking water supply in this region – until now it has been laboriously carted in by trucks. People need it for drinking, cooking, washing and watering.

The tower of the Mafiri Water Station stores the water that is pumped from the ground during the day using solar energy. It needs a certain height to get enough water pressure. The drinking water is collected in the top tank. The tanks in the middle level contain service water (for irrigation etc. ). On the ground floor there is the technical equipment and the tapping point.