Leading children step by step into a good future

At the centre of our work is the orphanage, the Marifi Children’s Home which aims to give traumatized orphans and street children a loving and safe home. We want to provide access to good education, and support children in their development so that they can experience a healthy, happy and safe childhood.

There are an estimated 1,300,000 AIDS orphans in Tanzania who have lost one or both parents to HIV. Malaria, respiratory diseases and diarrhea are still a common cause of death in Tanzania. There is a lack of hospitals as well as doctors. According to the UN Development Report, Tanzania is taking the first steps towards improvement. Nevertheless, only a small part of the population has been able to benefit from the country’s recent upswing.

What started in 2013 with the purchase of a plot of land near Morogoro has now grown step by step into a project that:


Provides a livable future for children in one of the poorest regions of the world.


Orphans are given a “family” in which they are loved, respected, encouraged and protected.


Helping children grow up to be fun-loving, independent and responsible people.

Step by Step Project

Construction and operation of the orphanage is the center of our endeavors

Security for orphaned and abandoned children.


Enable education as the basis for a happy life, also for the neighbors in the village.

Infrastructure for the Village and for the Project.

Water supply, sewage system, electricity and roads and paths.

Organic home-grown

Vegetables, grains and fruits for self-sufficiency and for sale.

New from Step by Step

Welcome Zawadi

In October 2023, the Mvomero Social Welfare Department contacted Step by Step for help in the case of a severely

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