Hello Friends!

Here is a brief report about my recent visit to Tanzania.

I’ve been back since the 10th of November.
I was accompanied on my trip by my two brothers-in-law and a family friend.
I am proud and happy to report that everything is going very well!

Our two Vorarlbergers Tamara and Lukas, who have been on site as project managers since July, are doing an exceptional job.

The children are well and we had a very nice time with lots of playing, laughing, learning, eating and barbecuing with neighbors.
Two-year-old Zawadi, who came to us a month ago severely malnourished, has already made a good recovery.
Zawadi has never been able to crawl or walk.
Her great appetite and will delighted us.
Every now and then she has let a smile or two escape her lips, and of course she has taken all our hearts by storm.
Two days after our departure, we received a video showing Zawadi crawling” – What a joy!!!
In the near future, several new children will move in and enrich our Mafiri Children Home.

It was nice to get to know our new employees and have conversations with them.
The mothers Biana, Salma and Eliza do their work with dedication and huge hearts.
Our gardener Montana and the night watchman and all-rounder Baraka are also very positive and motivated.
The two complement our team perfectly.

We had a surprising amount of rain on our 10-day trip, almost every day. Naturally a benefit for people and nature.
The farm and vegetable garden are thriving and we have even harvested our first mangoes together.

A warehouse is currently being built and is nearing completion.
Everything is going very well and we can look positively to the future of SBS.
Here are a few more pictures for you.

Best wishes

Arrival at the Mafiri Children Home. The joy is great. Of course we have some souvenirs with us. This time on lots of T-shirts from very small to very large.

A bit of work is also necessary. The new warehouse is being completed. Didi, Mario and Wolfgang dig holes for new fruit trees. Udo is busy cutting hair, for some it is more urgent, for others less.

A visit to our neighbors, the Maasai, is always an experience.

Playing, learning, cooking, eating, spending time together at the Mafiri Children Home.

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