Marcel was contacted by welfare just as he was driving home from running errands in Dar es Salaam. A quick decision was needed regarding the admission of little Baraka. Three days before, Baraka and his mother were evicted from the house where they lived, which was not yet finished and belonged to someone else. The mother’s mental condition deteriorated, and she became violent towards other people. The violence towards others was reciprocated, and she too was injured.

The day before Marcel was called, she started to burn her clothes and the clothes of little Baraka. She also threatened to set herself and Baraka on fire. As a result, social assistance stepped in, taking care of the mother and they requested the urgent admission of Marcel into the Mafiri Children’s Home.

The young Baraka had only the clothes left on him. But he is well and was immediately taken to the Mafiri Children’s Home where he is lovingly cared for.

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