After the twins’ mother died, another woman took care of them. She also died. A month ago one of the twins, Kurwa-Anton, was found unconscious and ill on the street. The neighbors gathered and they were very worried about taking him to the hospital as none of them had money to pay for the hospital. They tried to treat him on site, which unfortunately did not succeed. Later, however, another neighbor took Kurwa-Anton to the hospital, where he was immediately admitted for care.

He was diagnised with (high parasite density) malaria and acute pneumonia. The costs for the necessary medication amounted to 214,000 TSh (approx. 76 euros). The neighbor was able to collect just 50,000 TSh. Fortunately, someone was found shortly after and were able to pay the remainder of the bill.

However, due to the delayed treatment along with the necessary medication, Kurwa-Anton lost the ability to speak. After 12 days in the intensive care unit, the boy was transferred back to the normal ward. Kurwa-Anton has now been released from the hospital.

The neighbor who was taking care of the sick Kurwa-Anton asked for immediate help from the social welfare office, as she was unable to take care of him after he was released from hospital. The social welfare office then contacted us.

The second twin, Dotto-Aloyce, also had malaria, but was treated on time. The twins Kurwa * Anton and Dotto * -Aloyce have now been accepted into the Mafiri Children’s Home, where they are now lovingly cared for.

* In the Tanzanian language Swahili, twins are called Kurwa and Dotto.

Fürsorgerin der Zwillinge

The twins in front of the house where they lived when Marcel first visited.

Dorf der Zwillinge

The day Marcel picked up the twins – with the whole village.

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