At the end of September, Hanno, Udo and Wolfi, the founders of the Mafiri Children Home, travelled to Tanzania after a long break due to corona. Also present were Peter and Alexander, two volunteers who invested two weeks of their free time to help move some construction projects forward. We are especially pleased that we were able to accompany three participants of the Austrian Service Abroad to Tanzania to spend the first days together on site. Tamara, Matteo and Jonathan will support the Mafiri Children’s Home and the Mafiri Farm for one year as part of their voluntary civilian service.

The programme included the construction and installation of a photovoltaic system, olive trees were planted on the farm, a large outdoor enclosure was set up for the chickens, more land was cleared and the next house was staked out. Together, Tamara, Jonathan and Matteo defined, planned and immediately applied their tasks for the coming year. There were new clothes for the Mafiri children. Besides all the work, there were wonderful experiences with the children, the wedding of Marcel and Angela was celebrated and a safari in the nearby Mikumi National Park brought great impressions.

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